Saturday, July 12, 2014

American BBQ at Third Wave in Prahran

Sometime in June, Greg from Third Wave left a comment in my Hammer & Tong 416  post with an invitation for dinner at Third Wave in their Prahran brunch. 

Firstly, I didn't see the comment till much later. Secondly, to my embarrassment, this wasn't the first attempt to touch base with me. Thirdly, seriously? Inviting me, an unknown, next-door-girl for a complimentary meal? Mr. C and I simply couldn't pass up this wonderful opportunity, seeing how we are always on the hunt for yummeh ribs in Melbourne. Even Greg's description of Third Wave's American BBQ menu made it impossible to say 'No' to!

We found ourselves in Third Wave today after a lovely date out in beautiful, hipster, cultured Melbourne city (which I'll blogged about another day)!

Staff was friendly and attentive. They explained the menu well and gave us time to mull over.

As we read the menu, we felt the pull to try our taste buds on the many dishes listed. However, we didn't want to be greedy over ordering - as you  know how some Asians can be when the word "free" is involved - hence, we decided on half rack of smoked pork ribs, smoked salmon, sauteed mushrooms with coleslaw and the best for last, pecan pie for dessert!

Mr. C gave the house wine a go and savoured every sip whilst I had my usual - lemon lime bitters. Refreshing and tangy is just right to offset a night of feasting.

Once we placed our orders, we sat back and soaked in our surroundings. It was fairly early in the evening around 6pm explaining the empty seats. Naturally as the evening wore on, seats were filled. The simple, neutral and light interior gave a brunch cafe feel which is what the shop is in the day time. Browsing through the comments on Urbanspoon, the brunch spread is well received. Definitely interested to sample what they have to offer for brunch - baked eggs are my favourite!

The smoked salmon ($23 for medium) was the first to arrive. Brined for 8 hours in salt, sugar and spice, Greg had mentioned, that the salmon is marinated, dried out and smoked with Apple wood. Mr. C and I delighted in the simplicity of the fish; the perfect texture and the smoky flavour. Although the homemade dill that accompanied the salmon complimented the taste, I preferred the salmon on its own. Yes, it was that good!

The next main we had was the pork ribs ($29 half rack). Ok. This is how serious Third Wave is with their ribs. The pork ribs are smoked with Maple wood for 5-6 hours, and is tender and juicy, falling off the bone as any good ribs should. It comes with two different BBQ sauces - Spicy BBQ and Apple Bourbon. I, for one couldn't decide which I preferred that I had both with my ribs making it absolutely yum!

For sides, we had Glazed Mushrooms ($10 for medium). The fried butter mushrooms were glazed with soy and topped with spring onions and roasted sesame seeds. Every mouthful was just wonderful! The juicy mushroom flavour infused with soy taste just made me crave bite after bite for another mushroom. Loved it so much so that Mr. C had to restrain me from licking the soy off the bowl!

The other side we had was the Crispy Coleslaw ($8 for medium) which Mr. C, a vege lover enjoyed.

And lastly, what better way to end the night than sharing a delectable dessert in the form of Pecan Pie. My first, too! It was served warm, sweet and delicious, as stated in the menu! 

I am not a big nut fan but the yum biscuit base more than made up for the crunchy walnuts especially with the spill of the espresso cream topped with vanilla ice cream!

Although I would say my first preference for yummiest ribs to be the ones served at Hurricanes in Sydney, all in all, our experience at Third Wave was pleasant to our memories and tummies. Mr. C and I thoroughly enjoyed the humble tastes offered at Third Wave.

We will be back for more, that's for sure!

Now, wouldn't it be lovely to be invited for their brunch?! ;p  *Hopeful and cheeky me*

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