Thursday, July 24, 2014

RIP Dear Aunt Sharon

Today is a sad day and yet sort of a happy day.

Mr. C and I grieve the lost of a gentle and giving lady. Coming to Melbourne, we have had the privilege to be better acquainted with Aunty Sharon (my paternal grandaunt). We would catch up every once in awhile over Yum Cha (known as Dim Sum in Malaysia). 

When I first read the news of Aunty Sharon's passing last Thursday via a text message, I didn't know that it would affect me this much. My mind would wander at work, at home or wherever and tears would threatened. I would tense and hold it in and wait for the teary moment to pass.

Despite this melancholy, we are happy she is at a better place - free from the pain and suffering caused by cancer. And this is what I find comforting in being a Christian. Knowing that she is no longer suffering and is in Heaven with Uncle James and Jesus consoles the grieving heart. 

And one day, we will meet again.

Mr. C and I took leave from work, picked up two grandaunts and headed to Springvale Botanical Gardens for the funeral service in the morning. It was simple, short and to the point. The cemetery grounds were beautiful and felt more like a garden, living up to its namesake.

After lunch, we celebrated the life of Aunty Sharon at Edge Church in Doncaster East. From her children's eulogy, it confirms Aunty Sharon's gentle nature and unwillingness to be a burden. I gather it must be hard for them to not have detected the cancer earlier, them being doctors and all. Many just assumed she was tired from all the excitement and boisterous energy of her grandchildren.

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