Thursday, July 31, 2014

Conversations with colleagues : Cockney Rhyming Slang

After the main office crowd had their lunch and left the lunchroom, in walked Colleague JT and he asked if anyone was using the microwave oven.

Colleague FV said "Nope. Go ahead and heat up your dog's eye and dead horse."

I was making a drink when I heard that and was like huh?? Trying to understand, I asked what did dog's eye and dead horse referred to.

Colleague FV explained that it was cockney rhyming slang - dog's eye rhymed with pie and dead horse rhymes with sauce.

I went oooooh..... thinking maybe it was some variation of Aussie slang. I went back to my desk and told Colleague HM the conversation in the lunchroom and she explained a bit on cockney rhyming slang or rather, she Googled the explaination and examples for me.

Here are a few to educate you... taken from this site.

Dog's eye - Pie (Would you like to have a dog's eye?)
Dead horse - Sauce (Dead horse would go well with the dog's eye)
Steak and kidney - Sydney (I am taking a flight to steak and kidney next week)
Brave and bold - Cold (It was really brave and bold yesterday)
Captain Cook - Look (Have a captain cook at this dress)
Dalai Lamas - Dramas (Please no dalai lamas about your day)
Dog and bone - Phone (Can you please answer the dog and bone that is ringing off the hook?)
Grim and Gory - Story (Uncle Dan has a flair at telling an entertaining grim and gory)
Optic Nerve - Perve as in Pervert (Stop being such an optic nerve)
Nails and screws - News (Did you read the nails and screws about the scandal of the century?)
Bugs Bunny - Money (Can you spare me some bugs bunny as I left my purse at home?)

Raspberry tart is my favourite... it means fart! LOL.

For more examples on classic cockney rhyming slangs to the  modern ones, head on HERE.


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