Saturday, March 21, 2009


there is so much to say, so much to blog but as i sit here in my room typing this, words just fails me. few days back, i wanted to blog so much about office politics, the injustice, about the stupid idea to merge departments and how politics at my department itself was getting back but now with the so-called-intergration, politics just worsen. i wanted to blog about a certain someone or about how i hate work (which is probably nothing new) from day 1 and it's now approximately at least 1176 days since i ve started work and unfortunately, am still stuck here. i wanted to blog about how stupid our government can be or how stupid inconsiderate drivers are on the road and i hope they all die a horrendous death.

then again, who am i kidding? what is freedom of speech? i used to blog more openly. i may not specifically mention names or specific circumstances but at least, i blogged more freely. Now, i just blog superficially and about nothing of much importance. but then again, that's life isn't it? we're all so focused on the surface, the superficial. your bosses or managers only want to see the outcome. they don't give two hoots how you get it but they just want to see results.

we have so-called-debrief meetings where we air our grievances or rather our disgruntlements but at the end of it, we all know, it's all talk and no action. we waste our time on these meetings when we know that the managers nor partners will do anything about it at all! do they even give a damn??!!

this is malaysia for crying out loud. who cares about overworked staff? who cares if you work hard and long hours and don't claim OT or any other compensation? perhaps if you had certain "kulitfication" or a certain connection, u can get away with well... maybe anything! and now, they've decided not to promote ppl who are due for June promotion. Well, that's swell news for those ppl. oh well, then again, that's the "fairness" of working life.

now, if only we will stop bitching about it and actually do something. i mean, if EVERYONE in the department actually go on strike on Monday and not work at all. I am sure that will probably lead to an outcome somehow. We can also invite the press, after all, tv3 is just next door!! then again, the phobia would be we might get fired but do u really thing that that would be the case and leave others to well, pick up our work when they're already overworked themselves??


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