Friday, March 20, 2009

A friend

i ve become someone i never saw myself to be.
lies become truths.
white and back blurs to grey.

i can't believe u replied me. i hope and yet i daren't hope.
hope that maybe things will change. that perhaps, u'll make up for those lost years.

i can't believe u remembered those years...
smashing lights, u breaking ur tooth. childlike escapades.

i thought u had forgotten them. that i didn't matter anymore.
after all, i was ur past.

do you remember after watching a bruce lee movie, we said we'll play imaginary boxing without actually punching (touching) each other but i accidentally punched u n u bled?

do u remember how u'll imitate movie characters n my mum will retell it to others?
or how we will write the names of our "puppy love" on a piece of paper and swap papers?

do u remember how u tore my bro's RM5 note cos u were pissed over sth?
or how he hid ur wallet or was it u, hiding his?

do you remember how we would play in the rain?
or make paper boats n run out in the rain to the big drain, letting our boats be swept away?
and i always wondered why did dogs bite u?

i wonder if things will change or will it remain the same between us.
whatever it may be, i m always here.

somehow, this is part of me.
being hurt and yet still being there.
maybe this is my calling. my purpose.
even when i feel like a spotlight or a third wheel.
i try to be understanding and still be there.
it's tough. that's life. perhaps i m a sucker for pain.

there are lots of ppl out there who just needs someone.
an ear, a shoulder, a hand, a friend.

and that's what i try to be..
a friend

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