Thursday, March 17, 2011

American on Asians in the UCLA library

Several days back, a blonde American woman posted a video of herself on Youtube commenting on Asians in the library. Smart move. In case you didn't sense the sarcasm, that was said sarcastically. =p

True enough. A backlash ensued.

Naturally, Asians started posting ranty clips and vlogs in response and the dude below is one of them. And before you know it, the whites starts backing up the girl.

All in all, even with freedom of speech, one should always watch what one says out loud. But most times, people just say what they want, whenever they feel like it and consequences be damned.

Well, then don't complain when you have to sow what you reap.


Anonymous said...

just so u know, she has since decided to quit UCLA after the backlash frm the university community as well as receiving death threats etc

goingkookies said...

wow. that's pretty bad. i don't think her video warrants that kind of backlash though.

i mean she did say some rather bimbotic things but nothing harmful or really that offensive IMHO.

well, hope things die down.

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