Monday, March 28, 2011

Melbourne, oh Melbourne

This is the start of my fourth week here, living in Melbourne. The first two weeks were pretty much about cleaning up the place, unpacking what we could with whatever space we have to fill up and put it in. We went furniture hunting almost everyday - weekdays after Mr. C's work and weekends.

I think we aren't exactly super fussy people or rather more like, lazy people. =p After looking through a couple of furniture shops at Nunawading, a suburb about 25minutes away and closer to the city, and some at Dandenong near Mr. C's workplace while hunting for ideas and bargains at Ikea, we finally settled on Super A Mart at Nunawading.

After lying down on mattresses after mattresses, we decided to pay a little bit more than what we originally budgeted for a comfy mattress to last us our lifetime. Okay. perhaps eventually when we have more dough, we'll get a better one. Instead of an ensemble, we decided to get a wooden bed frame since it only costs slightly more than a simple ensemble.

Besides, we do have lots of space in this new place.

(oh gosh, I typed a lot of stuff and it wasn't saved. Dang!)

That was the first and second week. My third week here saw me sick, PMSy and gloomy. I am hoping to kick all three by this week because there's just so much I have to do in regards to wedding planning, replying my emails, losing weight and so on. =p

That being said, of course, Mr. C and I didn't just stay home and did nothing. In fact, we managed to meet up with NiNi and her boy boy at Glen Waverly (15minutes drive away). It is where you will see Asians in abundant and in the Asian groceries, you will find anything and everything you might need to cook a delicious Malaysian meal.

And several days after, we met up for an awesome dinner at La Roche in St. Kilda's with Sal and her honey. We were supposed to meet them for dinner again last night but was too tuckered out after playing Band Hero on Saturday night till late with the cousin, waking up super early to go to Camberwell Market with NiNi and traipsing off to Boxhill and Doncaster's Westfield till late noon.

We even went to an auction. Well, more on that in the next few posts.

Well, wanna know how to cure my blues? Give me doses and doses of Castle and I'll be fine. Before you know it, it's almost the end of the day and Mr. C will be home shortly.

By the way, it's 4.47pm here in Melbourne. It's 3 hours ahead of Malaysia and currently, it's Autumn though it feels like Brisbane's Winter. =)


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