Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas is here!!

When Mr. C was out one night, I sneakily wrapped three presents for him and placed them under our own blue themed Christmas tree.

The three presents I bought for him- a present that he needs and has had a need for it for some time now, a present that he can use with something he likes to consume and finally, a present he has looked at a few times and exclaimed he likes it big but he has never bought it, somehow.

The one he can use with something he likes

The one he has eyed a couple of times

The one he needs

Christmas Eve - Our awesome blue themed Christmas tree

The clock hit 12.00am Christmas Day and Mr. C said," Merry Christmas baby" and rushed to the tree where his pressies lay. 

He start shaking his presents one at a time and unraveled the carefully wrapped gifts. Still such a kid at heart! We're really loving the place we're living at the moment. Feels like our own place (almost) and our own playground. LOLS.

Our first time doing gift exchange and putting it under the tree and all.

Next year, perhaps we'll have our party on Christmas Eve instead of few weeks before.

Blurry picture due to him shaking... 

Green and red 

The opening of Pressie #2

Last but the most valuable 
have a HAPPY, MERRY CHRISTMAS all and sundry !! 

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