Friday, December 21, 2012

Office Christmas break off

Today is the last day of work as we break off for Christmas and New Year holidays. Most companies in Australia shuts down their company's operations (especially manufacturing ones) for this festive season.

The company I work in is of medium size and differs from the big four accounting firm I worked with in the past. It does not have annual department trips nor does it have annual dinners but we had a Christmas break off luncheon.

The party began at 12pm in the factory area. 

The food spread was simply yet tasty; we had chips and nuts to start off followed by pork and beef meat, potatoes, buns, salads and what not. It was a time to mingle and be merry. Gary, the boss gave a simple speech after and one by one, we slowly made our way back to our office, gathered our things and head off about 2pm.

A few of us colleagues then headed off to Chelsea Beach near our office since it was still early and hang around and chatted some more. The beach was splendid; beautiful blue seas and sandy beach with small crowd.

Awesome life, isn't it? :)

Glorious food

Desserts of cookies and cakes

Entertained by the boss's grandson

No points for guessing who loves kids

Awesome possum!! We each receive a Christmas hamper of goodies!!

Frankness train line at standstill 'cos someone apparently committed suicide

Lovely flower display at Woolies 

Magnum ice cream to cool us down

The men 

Just me

To the end of the pier 

At the beginning

Happy us
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