Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nuffnang : The Green Hornet

After a turbulent week filled with emotional scenes with the mothership amidst spats and some rather cutting remarks, she was in a good mood on Sunday. Yesterday, we had another tiff and I think maybe that's what she needs- someone to talk and argue with.

But it's rather draining emotionally for me.

I've not had a proper rest since I got back. Wow. It just hit me that I've been back for a week already. Before one realises, it'll be time for me to hop on the plane back to Brisbane.

Last Monday, I touched down about 3.25pm. Rushed home to shower. Catched up with my mum and brother. Then, my mum and I left for Mid Valley for 'The Green Hornets'- free tickets I won from Nuffnang (won free tickets to Burlesque but giving it up to spend time with family).

Robby was giving out the tickets and he seemed rather seriously fierce. It would have been nice to be greeted with a smile but perhaps he had a long and tiring day. My mum and I were there by 8pm and there were less than 10 people in line for their free tickets!

I thought the ticket collection started at 8pm. I guessed not.

The movie was pretty alright. Don't expect awesome, messing with the mind kind of scenes like Inception or canggih acting like the Joker (acted by Heath Ledger) from Batman. The Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou is a funny in a corny sort of manner movie.

Read HERE for the synopsis of the movie. Jay still has a long way to polish on his acting skills but I reckon he showcased better acting skills in this movie. Jay's charater, Kato was pretty interesting where else I personally found Seth Rogan's character, Britt to be SUPER annoying and ridiculous but I guess, some guys just are like that.
Tickets were on a first come first serve basis meaning those that collected earlier got better seats from the back of the cinema to the front. I found it a tad strange that I was there before 8pm and yet got middle of the cinema seats. Oh well.

Movie was alright. Nothing super fantastic. Acting were average. Lines were average, if not corny and lame ish at times. Just watch the movie with NO expectations and you should be fine. Free movie just makes it more 'worth' it but my mum enjoyed the movie.
Hence, that was my date night with the mothership. Stay tuned for more on my first week back!
Can you guess where am I right now for CNY??

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