Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I mish you

Ring Ring...
(this is a rough recap of the conversation)

G : Hey woman. What are you doing? Free to go out for yam cha?

Me: Uhhhh... kinda tired. Been helping mum sort out the Ikea people and cleaning up stuff. Why? You're very free ar? We just met yesterday for dinner wor...

G : I miss you ma... want to meet you. Cannot meh? =p

Me: Awww... waitaminute. Isn't it Valentines? Aren't you going to see your boy boy? Don't you want to see him?

G: I can see him anytime but you'll be leaving, then I won't get to see you...

She had me at the 'I miss you' bit. Made my heart all fuzzy and unable to turn her down,

I am glad that I've come a long way from my pessimistic Snoopynuts days.

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