Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mian dui Mian Chilli Pan Mee at Damansara Uptown

I have been eating heaps and heaps and heaps since I got back from Brisbane. I've had my Chee Cheong Fun from Sea View near Paramount to my Wan Tan Mee at Restaurant Gembira in Taman Megah. I had my popiah fix at Chow Yang and this is one awesome popiah which beats the sucky thing they call popiah at Little Singapore in Brisbane!

I even had Roti Canai at Raju's at Gasing and at Aman Suria's Kayu's not forgetting at Cameron Highland's Bertam Valley!! And only for RM1.50 max, if not cheaper! Convert that to AUD and it's like - OMG!!! =p

On top of that, I've had my chicken rice, my Koay Teow Tong, lovely dinner at Village Chicken with the in laws and even my mummy's sugi cake (which I baked) and butter cookies (my siblings and I baked at mum's friends house at Ringlet) and mum's yummilicious pineapple tarts!

However, I can't wait to have my CHILLI PAN MEE!! I must go for the original one in KL and also the Mian Dui Mian one at Damansara Uptown. I had it last was with my brother and cousin, if I am not mistaken. Near Modern Beauty- the facial shop that I (felt conned to signed package) go to.

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Hopefully the chilli pan mee is as good as I remember it to be. And I so looove the Ribena Longan. Then again, prices probably have gone up as everything seems to be going up due to CNY and what other rotten excuses due to Government's awesome ruling.

Oh well. I shall have some and let you guys know.

Btw, anyone wanna go for this too??!!

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