Monday, February 21, 2011

My sunday

I've been busy ever since I got back with hardly much time to blog what with meeting up with friends and spending time with family. And I haven't met a whole bunch of friends which I don't think there'll be enough time. Craps.

Anyways, families can seriously drive you to the point of insanity and yet provide many hillarious LOL moments. For the ignorant, LOL is the acronym for laugh out loud. =p

The first half today was a simple day out with the mothership and the brother. After first service church at a crazy time, we left for Curve's Redbox which was a let down after patroning the Neway at 1Utama and the one at Subang.

My mother asked me if I knew this particular song to which I replied,"No" and she proceeded to ask my brother the same question. He said he didn't know either. Then, after hearing our 'nay' replies, she said, "Okay... play it."

Leading my brother and I to LOL and -_-".

After karaoke session - it is different and less stressful experience singing with friends - we walked about for a bit and headed home. Had a super serious talk with Mr. C - to what feels like the set tone for our conversation these days - then slept for a bit before dad aka The Jungle Man came home.

Went out for dinner at Esquire Kitchen in DJ area. He was all chatty and filled with one story after another. He provided some LOL moments too with his booming voice, forcing my siblings and I to walk at a distance and feign ignorance of any family ties to avoid embarrassment. =p

My dad's antics can be funny but only if he's not my dad. Oh well, blood runs thicker than water.

Tomorrow, we'll be having a family day out. Hopefully no.8 will prove to be a lucky number as I seem to be seeing it everywhere- the badminton court we played at on Friday, our dinner table number today, my birthdate and also receiving an email about 8 women.

It's a sign of good things to come. KA-CHING! *hehe*


Emily Yee said...

Nice, I never go to karaoke with my family. Should try that. I bet it would gives a real different feeling.

goingkookies said...

haha.. definitely a different feeling.. cos sing different kind of songs... unless ur parents are into contemporary ones =p

but definitely good to take them out every once in awhile =)