Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3.10.12 : Agatha Christie's Mousetrap

Early on in October, four weeks to be exact, Mr. C and I had the privileged to be part of a play by Agatha Christie named  The Mousetrap held at Comedy Theatre on Exhibition Street. 

All in all, it was an interesting experience which both Mr. C and I enjoyed. Can't wait to see more plays in the future. 

And we will definitely pay a bit more for better (and closer to the stage) seats than the last minute cheap seats we had which were alright with the setback that we could hardly make out the facial expressions of the actors and actresses.

Took a photo of the theater only to be spotted and told, 'no pictures allowed'

Fun fact #1:
It is a classic 'whodunit' murder mystery play that first opened on London's West End in November 1952.

Fun fact #2:
It is the longest running show of any kind and is known for its twist ending.

Fun fact #3:
When I said we were 'part' of the play, it's because at the end of the play, we, the audience were asked to keep mum and not reveal the identity of the murderer. It's part of the play's tradition.

Fun fact #4:
Came home and googled 'The Mousetrap' and was surprised to see the twist revealed in Wikipedia. Apparently requests made to remove the revelation of the murderer have been ignored. 

Lols. I may look preggers but I can assure you, I am not! ;p
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