Saturday, October 27, 2012

Death by Oreo cupcakes

I felt like I did not make good use of my week.

After Nini's wedding on Saturday, I felt aimless. Before that, I was full on busy trying out ideas upon ideas for her wedding; wedding bouquet, chocolate chip cookies and wrapping, cake topper, beautifying the picture frames and what not. 

It was tiring and kept me busy but I enjoyed it. Sourcing for ideas and testing them out in practical to see if it really looks as pretty in reality as it did in my head. Lols.

Back to aimless wandering me.

Hence, yesterday, I decided to try my hand at cupcake baking. So far, I've never made (in my opinion) a successful tasting cupcake despite two attempts. Haha. Just two tries and I expect to be a pro. Silly isn't it.

And people say, third time's the charm... right?

Followed Death by Oreo Cupcake recipe from HERE. Feel free to try it out and tell your baking story!



Had to improvised from original recipe as I ran out of Oreos and my frosting wasn't turning out well
My newly bought AUD7 Christmas cupcake stand
Guess what? Third time WASN'T the charm in this case. Mr. C really liked the cupcake but I felt that my icing was too sweet despite using less icing sugar than stated in recipe. For that, icing wasn't firm but had a more runny texture.

Felt a bit disappointed that my cupcake wasn't as YUM as I had hope it to be. But I won't give up. I'll try baking again and again and again till I get the right tasting cupcake with topping that's tasty and scrumptious but not too sweet either.

Stay tuned for a *fingers and toes crossed* successful baking cupcake story!!
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