Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We've moved!!

This past week has been a busy one for us. We moved houses. From a spacious house with a lake behind our house to a street named Lakeview ironicially named without a view of any lake. It's a smaller house but with a really big backyard. 

Mr. C's colleagues are already planning to tape the grass with badminton court lines. This house initially looked a tad drabby and icky but after a fresh coat of paint and change in carpets, my, the transformation lightens up my opinion of the house.

Last Tuesday saw Mr. C and I moving ALL our things from the old place to the current humble abode. It took the movers from 1.30pm till 5ish pm to pack everything, transport and unload our junk at the new place. And for that, it burnt a hole in our pockets of $400!

And we definitely needed the movers because we had washing machine, dryer, couch, dining table set, bed frames, mattresses and what not to move over. 

My first time being part of the moving process. 

In Malaysia, when we moved house in 2009, it was my peak period at work, hence, I couldn't take leave to help my parents but they managed well. 

And in 2011, I was in Malaysia for Chinese New Year when Mr. C was offered a job in Melbourne seeing him packing and moving everything over from Brisbane on his own.

I was expecting to be stressed out by this whole move from the way people make it sound. But I find packing and moving was rather alright. It's the unpacking that I find a hassle. 

I have to wipe down the cupboards and be grossed out by creepy crawlies and dirt and reorganised everything. See, I am feeling so lazy by it that I am here, blogging about it. LOLs.

Alright.. just some pictures and I got to get back to unpacking the plates, cups, bowls and utensils before Mr. C comes home and finds out I've been slacking. *hehe*

Ensuite (room and bathroom) with new carpets before blinds were installed

Mini walk in wardrobe BEFORE the clutter of clothes and what not

Awwwww.. what a helpful hubby who insisted taking on vacuum duties!

Our first accommodation in Melbourne for the past 1 year and 6 months!

Day of move... busy and yet, I found time to take pics of self. Lols.

You never realise how much junk you have till it's time to pack and move

Goodbye tv room with a backyard view of the lake

The organised movers and my jewellery cupboard on the left

Ensuite with our mattress inside with bed frames and side tables brought over

Living room with our nonsense temporarily placed whilst the walls get a make over

Boxes after boxes of our stuff waiting to be sorted outside dining room area

Went flower and plant hunting at Carribean Market 

Not that pretty flowers ;p

Did you know you can't eat olives straight off the tree?? 
You have to soak them in water and salt first

Sweet little blooms

After I vacuumed and tidied up the old house

Adieu house for 1 year and 6 months... you will be remembered.
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