Wednesday, October 31, 2012

X Factor Australia : Nathaniel given the boot

Is X Factor Australia now considered a joke? What are people thinking when they vote?? Who on earth are the looneys voting?? Why are people still watching?? and will people stop watching?

I think majority would.

After yesterday's shock, many are outraged. The week before, haters were hating Bella. This week, we're dumbfounded at the bottom twos.

It's incredulous!! and in a bad way.

Because that is what most of us are thinking after yesterday's shocking bottom two - Nathaniel Williamse and Samantha Jones, definitely the two stronger vocalist on the competition.


The crowd really, really loves Bella and Jason and Shiane, somehow.

Bella Ferraro has personality but her voice is really shaky when she sings. Either that or she doesn't have voice control yet. Initially, I was wondering, "why is she still in the top finalist?" "It's time for her to go." 

But week after week, despite being in the bottom twos before, she's managed to pull through. What I think redeemed her was her last two performances which were better than her earlier ones, that's for sure. However, in comparison to Nathaniel and Samantha? It's plain for all to see who has better vocals and stage performance. 

Or at least, I thought it was plain to see.

Jason started out in need of grooming and erm, to be less country bumpkin ish. But I reckon that's his charm. He does seem to have a really pleasant, jovial personality or at least, that's the impression I get from the media. 

I think MelB needs to give him better songs to sing though. What were they thinking with Taylor Swift's song last week??! MelB should give Jason a song to showcase his voice, his potential. And his styling needs some erm... better styling!

Shiane Hawke is a sweet 14 year old with a big voice. But at this point, for me, she's just that... a 14 year old with a unique voice. I don't deny she's got a really special voice and I reckon she could be the next Adele. However, I think her lack of  life experiences is her handicap. And it's obvious as she struggles to sing with emotions depicted and required in the lyrics.

Often than naught, she ends up delivering her songs in a lackluster performance looking like she's worried, nervous, tense and awkward, at times. Nat has got to give her some younger songs... some fun, loving songs that she can enjoy and sing well. If not, give her some simple but soulful song to sing. Despite that, she's still in week after week. 

So, why was Nathaniel and Samantha were at the bottom two? 

Well, some says Nathaniel's case was probably due to him admitting on Monday night on national TV that he's not single. And there goes his female fans. Out the door. Besides that, I can't see what other reason there possibly could be. 

As for Samantha, she's had her run. She's had singles produced but somehow, she's just not made it. She's got great vocals, stage presence and good fashion sense (minus the weird middle hair parting highlighting her high and huge forehead), so why hasn't she become famous? Or made it to the top? Hmmm.. I think it's cos she lacks personality. She's too... nice... and forgettable. 

But she chose well with Etta James' classic 'At Last' for her 'save yourself' performance. She sang the song beautifully and based on that performance, despite my liking and supporting Nathaniel, I felt she deserved to go on to to next week.

Although vocally not as strong, Bella stands out. And in my opinion, that's why she's still around.

Next week, will Sammie be at the bottom two again? I think she might be if she doesn't start showing us MORE of her and I don't mean more flesh.

At the end of the day, when it comes to voting for anything, sad to say, it ends up a personality contest more than a real contest on talent or merits.


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