Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday dearest!!

Another year has come and gone.
Another year we're still together!
Another year and you're no longer alone.
Another year and it's forever!

One year older,
supposedly means one year wiser.
Hopefully, also bolder,
better looking and smarter.

But fret not, if you're not.
'cos I am here to stay.
I may not be Scarlett Johanson hot,
but at least I pledge you I won't stray.

This is wishing you,
another year of happiness and joy.
For a sweet, loving beau,
who knows? maybe next year, you'll get a boy! ;p

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Kathlynn said...

happy bday mr.kookies! :)

goingkookies said...

Kathlynn : haha.. good one!!

ken said...

haha @ the last sentence :P

goingkookies said...

ken : sharp .. even he was blur about it.. lol