Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wedding ideas : Decorations and inspirations!

More posts on wedding ideas!! There are just TOO many to incorporate into one wedding! And with a budget constraint, it makes my life of planning my 'special' day even more difficult!!

Nevertheless, I shall persevere!

#1 I love the out-of-norm concept...

#2 Simple, sweet and quaint!

#3 LOVE this idea.. the heartshaped pin, which I might do for mine.

#4 Do you know how hard it is to find the 'right' wedding favour??!

#5 Definitely doing this if I can find Mr. C and my initials for a 'reasonable' price.
Then again, reasonable is very subjective to each individual's definition,

#6 I really love the quirky and creative themes of wedding out of Malaysia.

#7 <3 birdcages concept too but it's pricey...

#8 This is possible ONLY if you have 50 guests and not 400 over.

# 9 Similar to my photobooth concept!!

#10 Aaahhh.. the joys of being in love and marrying one's love...

#11 'Love is sweet' theme is so apt!

#12 So which am I going for? Cute theme? Sweet theme? Goingkookies theme?

#13 Loving the 'L,O,V,E' Scrabble idea.

#14 Tell me that you can resist all the charm and thoughts put into each ideas...

#15 Because I can't!!

#16 Interesting cos they mash Red and Blue together!

I should consider meshing Blue and Red like the about #16 picture, seeing how the banquet hall is going to be red and gold (doubt a Chinese restaurant would ever change their deco to Blue and Silver - funeral bearing colours or rather, Christmas) and my theme is going to be blue and silver as blue is my favourite colour.

Am thinking of incorporating #2, #3 and #5 whilst adding a little 'me' in it. Would love to do #8 but it's going to be too much effort for 400 over guests and I doubt Malaysians know how to appreciate hand made stuff. #9 is already in place for my photobooth, if that plan eventuates.

The rest are muses and inspirations.

What's your favourite or rather, if it is YOUR special day, what would you do??!

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Kendra Bing said...

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Pou Leen said...

LOL... I am glad I don't have to plan such things yet... Looks like a lot of work! Then again, it's a one in a lifetime thingy, oh well, maybe I;ll feel like it when the time comes... and with so many adorable themes, it's only normal you get spoilt with choices! Hard to decide on any, knowing that you're giving up on the rest! XD

goingkookies said...

Pou leen : haha.. ur time will come and yes it is a lot of work.. especially when u re doing it somewhat alone and from a different country!

i gather it's best to keep it small... better that way. family and close knit friends... don't be like me. hehe

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Mandaps said...

Hello Guys,

I have Read Your Discussion which is about wedding Ideas and Decorations its informative for me.

Thank You for Sharing.