Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just one of those days

Yesterday's dinner and today's lunch... tom yam mee hoon.

Clueless as to why I teared earlier. It can't be due to that time of the month. Perhaps it's the aftermath. My body clock or rather emotions seem to have gone haywire and now decides to kick a hissy fit AFTER that awesome time of the month rather than before. 

I was fine the whole day. In fact, working hours passed by relatively fast - it wasn't fast like a blink of an eye kind of fast but instead of the usual drag, before I knew it, it was time to pack up and head home. I guess the given task was achievable and I've finally grasp the VLOOKUP and IF function on Excel!

Everything was okay till I headed to shower and Mr. C made some comment about my not keeping abreast with world events such as The UK rioting despite almost always being on the internet. Somehow, it upset me and one thought led to another and the dam just burst!

My vitamin C intake...

Nutella spread on sourdough bread with tea...

Hand wrapped birthday present for a thoughtful aunt's special day

Oh well, hopefully I get a grip of my emotions before it goes yo-yo ing everywhere. 

Good news is that big boss won't be in office tomorrow, so I can relax a bit. 

Reminder : to use time wisely. :)

Whee... two more weeks till I head home to Malaysia. Gosh. I initially thought I'll be home for a long while but after factoring my plans and having a good look through, I don't have much time! *sobs* If only I had more time and money. Then again, tell me who doesn't!

My friend reminded me that my wedding should be about Mr. C and I and not so much about the other things ie dress, gifts and what nots. I guess it's just me to think about the nitty gritty details of even the smallest things. Sometimes, I wished to scrape the big hoo haa and have a small one instead.

Anyways, headed over to the neighbours and to wish Aunt M happy birthday!! =)

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