Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A healthier lifestyle

Mr. C and I bought a table tennis off ebay last week and it is worth it! On Saturday, we had a table tennis party with his colleagues and their partners together with a round of steamboat session! 

In all my life, I've hardly played this sport. 

The only time I did was in Standard 5. The story is a little bit funny. All I can remember now is that inter class competition was being held and an announcement was made that whoever who wanted to play should go to so and so hall. 

Strangely enough, I proceeded to that hall. 

Then, I have never played table tennis (aka ping pong) much less touched a bat. Up to this day, I have NO idea what compelled me to join but I just did. Nturally, I didn't make it far or past the first match! LOL.

Anyway, Mr. C and I have been feeling flabby and tired all the time. It is probably due to our horrendous food indulging coupled with our non existent exercise life. And this is said with us having only four months left to our special day! Hence, we have decided to try and adopt a healthier lifestyle by eating more fruits and veges together with regular exercises.

Suffice to say, I am happy that we went jogging yesterday and today. My stamina is abominable. I can only jog non-stopped for about 15 -30 seconds. Definitely must push myself harder and see some improvement by next week. 

After jogging, we headed home and fixed up the table tennis at our courtyard. Despite it being winter, after a few rounds of ping pong banter, we were warm enough that we had to take off our jackets! 

Yesterday, Mr. C taught me the basics. He showed me the right way to hold the bat. Next, he taught me how to 'hit' the ball the right way as I tend to return my shots 'gan cheong' ly with the ball hitting the my fingers holding the bat.

I tend to get super 'gan cheong' (excited) when I play and I'll try to hit the ball as fast as I can and in my haste, I'll do silly return hits. It is this 'just hit the ball over no matter what' mentality that I somehow adopted from young  whilst playing badminton with my dad who LOVED to smash the shuttle cock at us, kids that I need to unlearn.

Today, Mr. C says I've improved. I can now return his low and fast serve whilst giving my own fair share of good serves. I am faster at taking his shots and am able to at least bounce it back to his side. The tips he imparts reminds me of my noob badminton skills and 'tips' my friends used to give me - 'follow through!' 'Use your wrist, not your hand!' 'Always be on guard.'

In due time, I really hope to play better and more competitively! And it will be even more satisfying to wipe off Mr. C's occasional smirks when he tries to show off his 'skills' by smashing and screwballs!

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