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13.06.2012 Gill's Hen Day

My hard labour planning games for the Hen party

Two Wednesdays back, I was in Malaysia, throwing a Hen Day for my friend, Gill. Lol. Why a Hen Day and not a typical Hen Night? Well, she didn't want anything wild and crazy and besides, it was supposed to be a girly day out but thanks to the the stupid mani/pedi shop in Bangsar for not having any available slots for us, three girls. 

Not too sure the lady said there aren't any slots because we were using Groupon vouchers or she genuinely just didn't have any slots. Sigh. The cynicism we have these days. Nothing is ever simple and straight forward.

Masks from Mr. DIY in SS2Mall - pic by WYee

Red masks from Mr. DIY - pic by WYee

More masks to torture the guys with...

Classy red masks from Reject Shop in Knox Mall
Baby bottles to put torture juice

Hmmm.. masks or red shiny hair?

So, for the day, we decided to just keep it simple and hang out. We both went to Paradigm Mall. Even though I am the one from overseas, it was my second time there but her first. Lol. It seems to be my dad's current favourite mall. Cooling, nearby with lots of food shop!

We walked about and got tempted in Charles & Keith. Bought a pair of beige flats that I absolutely adore! Pretty pricey but after conversion, I reckon a good, quality pair like that probably costs more here in Melbourne.


After our mall walk, we made our way to Artisan in TTDI for some coffee and cakes. My sister recommended this place saying the coffee and cakes are superb. Perhaps, Gill and I ordered the not-so-famous ones. My iced mocha was average if not, hard to swallow. The mini little cakes we had was only so-so in my opinion.

Meow had the cheesecake and that, was defeinitely yummy! So, if you're ever in Artisan, don't go for the baby teensy weensy cakes, have the cheesecake! The carrot cake Gill's friend, whom we bumped into, was having was pretty decent too! 

The shop surprisingly is quite spacious but I felt that the space they have is underutilised as it cannot sit many patrons at one time. Gill and I had to sit at the side tables opposite the counter. So, it was a good thing our party consisted only of less than three girls.

The other thing about this place, it is hard to find parking. TTDI is definitele notorious for it's jam, lack of parking spaces and idiot double parking drivers. Gill and I were actually fortunate to find a parking on our second round of the place. But it was a good walk away from Artisan. 

We saw Meow rounding and rounding, each time failing to find an available parking slot, passing Artisan with a I-want-to-kill-Esther-for-suggesting-this-place facial expression. Lol. Kidding on that! Then again, who's to say that wasn't on her mind eh?

Gill does kinda look naked hiding behind the iced mocha ;p

Hours just fly past when girls sit down to chat. I think it's a crime how times passes by so quickly when one is enjoying one self where else time trickles by if not a standstill when the company isn't fun.

We made our way to SS2's newly opened Neway for dinner buffet and hours of singing karaoke. Before that, I made some excuse to get something before hand when what I really had to do was to collect the naught cupcakes for Gill's night. I made Gill follow Meow's car. 

When I first opened the lid to see the cupcakes, I let out an incredulous giggle. The erm proportions of the organs displayed on the cupcakes were a tad too big and graphic. Lol. Well, the night was going to be pretty clean and wild-free. I wanted to buy a naughty element from Melbourne to incorporate into the games for the night but didn't had a chance to reach the shop. 

Hence, this naughty cheekiness to commemorate Gill's Hen Night.

We had a good time trying out the different dishes at the buffet table. You can even get one of the staff to deliver the food to the room whilst you browse other food. Quite good service. Then again, it was the first or second week in operation. 

After dinner and chatting, we sang some songs. About 9ish close to 10pm, I stopped all singing and eating activities saying that we had to play some games. You see, I got Gill's hubby to answer some questions about himself, her and both of them. So, it was a game of  how well they each knew the other and their own history together. 

Sometimes. the questions can appear to be so simple and easy but you'd be surprise how rarely it gets answered correctly. I played this game, too on Miss Lawyer's night and it provided endless laughs for all the girls present. It was the same this Wednesday night.

After the games, we continued singing. At the same time, I asked for the cupcakes to be served. First time, the guy asked me if we needed candles. I said,"No". Second time, another guy asked if we needed them to sing a birthday song to which I replied that it wasn't a birthday and to just bring the cupcakes out in the box.

I must admit that the staff at Neway SS2 is just too efficient. To our mortification, they brought the cupcakes into the room. Guess what??? It was OUT of its box displayed brazenly proud in all its glory on a platter. Big time LOL. 


We posed and took pictures together. Followed by some cupcake tasting. The rich moist chocolate filling was superb! If you ever need customised cupcakes for an occasion, Pretty Frosting is who you'll like to design and bake them for you. I dealt mainly with Jericca and via email. After all, they're in Malaysia and I am in Melbourne.

After the cupcakes, we sang all the way till past 12am. Aaaah... such generosity. And you know what? because it's newly opened, we got a further 50% discount off the RM44++. 

If  I really had to complain, it would be that the song selection menu isn't very user friendly and totally different from other Neways! There's also lack of song selections, too!

But besides those two small matters, the dinner buffet and singing with two drinks offer on a weekday was definitely worth it.
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