Thursday, June 21, 2012

Swimming and India Delights

I am happy because #1 my weekend has started as I don't have to work tomorrow! #2 the hubby brought me swimming and #3 I get to eat Indian food!! 

Aaah... my simple pleasures in life.

Hmmm.. we seem to  have India food after we swim.. just like in April... Swimming and Rich Maha.

Attempted to photograph the outside but...

I've heard of India Delights for awhile now but haven't had the luxury of dining here till today. Urbanspoon recommended it to me, my uncle also mentioned the good food here to Mr. C. Since, we were swimming nearby at Nunawading Aquatic Centre, we decided to come here, to Forrest Hill after our swim.

What can I say? Well, the place isn't bad but neither was it that fantastic.. Perhaps it was the built up expectations from all the recommendations. There was no awesome curry smell to assault my sense when I first step in. The shop is clean but it felt too bare, too empty. I think they really need to spice up the ambiance in the shop, to add a little more soul (or themselves) into the shop. They don't necessarily have to repaint or spend much but perhaps, make it a bit more homey... a bit more like a Malaysian eatery that serves awesome food!

The group of Malaysian guys behind me were LOUD!

When I saw that they served 'Horlicks Ice' I was ecstatic!

and so... I ordered my *slurp* horlicks ice though it was AUD3.50!!

See the look of happiness on my face! 

Apparently, the chef/owner at India Delights is originally from Rich Maha at Vermont South. And if you've read my post on Rich Maha, you'd know I simply LOVE the food there. The curry is awesome and spicy... and I feel at home ('cos the awesome curry smell reminds me of Malaysia) when I step in the shop. 

The shop looks smaller than India Delights and is painted in orange (not an attractive orange, mind you), nevertheless, from the moment I set my foot in the shop, I feel excited to try the food. Probably due to the delicious smell wafting about the place. Rich Maha might be smaller but it is packed with tables and chairs, utilising any avaliable space. Even then,  it has this welcoming feel.

And because the food at Rich Maha NEVER disappoints me coupled with the fact that people said India Delights food is better, I was expecting at least, a Rich Maha standard, if not better. Sadly, it doesn't pay to have expectations that can't be met.

The food was only alright. I had briyani rice with lamb curry and two vege dish. There was limited choice in regards to the vege dish; dhail, mushy dhail looking mix vege and spicy egg plant. The lamb curry was nice but it lacked the kick you get from eating a flavoursome spicy Indian dish.

Mr. C had briyani rice (next time, we should try the hyderabad one - briyani rice cooked with lamb) with two meat (curry fish and chicken) and two vege. For Mr. C, an easily pleased eater, he felt the chicken, fish and my lamb was a bit dry and cooked for too long. 

The food wasn't that awesome, perhaps, it was late and the end of the day, hence, the meat being overboiled? 

Despite this poor first experience, we are willing to go back again to give this place another try in the future. And hopefully, it will live up to the ravings of past patron.

*fingers crossed for the next visit*

 Total damage for the night's dinner is AUD25.50.

Whatever it was, we still finished our food.
India Delights on Urbanspoon


suituapui said...

Oooo...the food looks awesome! Ah!!! I see you're living in Melbourne. Well, if you think Malaysians are loud, wait till you hear those from Sibu... LOL!!!

P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for commenting. Will add you in my blogroll.

goingkookies said...

situapui : haha.. living in Melbourne but missing Malaysia! Haha.. I think Chinese in general are a pretty loud bunch too!

Thanks for the add!

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