Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Earth tremours in Melbourne!!

About an hour ago, Mr. C turned to me and asked me if I felt anything.

I was sitting at the computer table in the above picture when I felt the walls on my right shake. I could feel the ground tremour and see the walls move. 

Behind the curtains on the right leads to the courtyard. And for a moment, Mr. C and I thought that perhaps, a wild animal was being cheeky on the roof making mischief. I think, he was getting a bit worried and gestured for me to go out the house with him.

We looked about but all was quite and dark. Came back into the house and everything was normal. Decided to post on Facebook and within minutes, I saw many updates trending my Facebook wall of people feeling the earthquake tremours all over Melbourne. 

Apparently, it was a 5.2 magnitude earthquake. 

Just like that, for those few seconds, our hearts were gripped with uncertainty. One can only wonder those closer or directly hit by the earthquake must have felt those few seconds. I hope these people are alright. 
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