Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

I was informed that 'Lent is a period of repentance and preparation in the Church calender as Christians prepare for Good Friday and Easter'. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday which is today, and lasts for 46days all the way till Easter Sunday.

Firstly, what on earth is Ash Wednesday?? I had to google it myself to gain some understanding. And my understanding for now is that #1 It is the day after Shrove Tuesday and also the first day of Lent. #2 Some churches, commonly the more traditional ones, hold services and it is customary to mark the foreheads of participants with ashes from burnt palms gathered from previous year's Palm Sunday as a sign of mourning and repentance to God.

Now, you're probably asking what's Shrove Tuesday. Clicked the link for a write up on it. Once again, this are all new stuff to me. From what I gather... #1 It's the day before Ash Wednesday. #2 Also known as Mardi Gras and even pancake day! #3 It's something like, let's eat and celebrate before the start of actual fasting on Ash Wednesday onwards. In olden times, people tend to fast food but in modern times like now, food isn't the only thing one can fast from.

The purpose of Lent is a time of preparation leading up to Easter Sunday and it's done through prayer, repentance and self-denial. And when I say self-denial, it means taking this time to fast from something one is mostly attached to and would love to give up for this 46 days as a form of spiritual discipline and we can decide whatever it is we want to fast from; it could be coffee, chocolates, meat even Facebook!! It's to sacrifice what means more to us, whatever that takes up a lot of our time and perhaps, use this 'freed' time for better activities. And also to remember what God has sacrificed for us, Jesus.
This year, I've decided to participate in the fasting period of Lent. Hence, today is the day I start my 'fasting'. And I've decided to fast from Facebook and Tea.

Lots of my friends and Mr. C's have commented in a joking manner that I am perpetually on FB. Constantly spamming their walls with status updates, pictures and what not. I guess, with lots of time at hand, and my need to be updated of news about friends and families, I am almost always on FB. If not, when I've taken any nice pictures, I, somehow feel compelled to share the picture. At times, it's articles I've read or interesting quotes/sayings.

If not, when I am out with Mr. C or friends, when everyone's occupied with their own conversation or thoughts and I am left to my own devices, it is second nature to just whip out my smartphone and check FB and emails! However, I don't do it in a rude manner.
Generally, I think it is rude to go out with friends and family only to be tinkering away at one's handphone the whole time. Might as well stay home and not bother coming out in the first place! Unfortunately, it's a common sight these days. You'll see a group of people at a table, maybe out for drinks or meals, but majority (or at least one) will be glued to their handphone, either to reply a text, check FB, play a game and the list goes on.

At home, Mr. C has imposed a NO handphone usage rule at the dining table and I think it's a good idea! I admit, I do get carried away at times. He only allows me to use it to take some photos of our meal and that's it. Handphones away for the rest of the meal.

So, basically, 46 days of NO Facebook and NO tea. ;(

Hey, who knows? I might have more time to actually make good use of my time. Hopefully, won't succumb to watching tv series eh. Was previously hooked on Once Upon A Time and before that, Body of Proof. Next up, Blue Bloods!

If you haven't watched any of this, what are you waiting for?! Clicked the coloured link to read more on the series beforehand.



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