Thursday, February 9, 2012

RECIPE : Aglio Olio Mr. C style

I always thought all pasta dish were complex and required lots of hard work to cook up but it really isn't! ;) This is the second time Mr. C is cooking this dish. It doesn't taste 100% like the Aglio Olio you get from outside but it still tastes YUM! And I am not saying this just because he's my hubby. I take my pasta seriously!
You definitely need spaghetti, prawns, scallops (we just added this in, you can also put in other seafood ie squid) and lots of chopped garlic!

Serving : 2
Preparation time : 5 - 10 minutes
Cooking time : 30 minutes

Simple and easy to follow method :
1) Firstly, boil a pot of hot water. Put a tablespoon of salt and oil into the boiling water.

2) When water starts to bubble, put in the Spaghetti, off the fire and cover the pot for about 7-10minutes depending on what is stated on your Spaghetti pack.
(You can also leave fire on if you so desire but check to make sure Spaghetti is not over boiled and becomes soggy)

3) As you're boiling water and Spaghetti, boil another pot of hot water to cook and 'clean' the prawns.

4) Once water starts bubbling, add in the prawn and leave it in for about 3-5minutes. You don't want to overcooked the prawns, only to rid the fishy smell and taste. Bear in mind that you also have to fry it later with the Spaghetti, so, if it's semi cooked, it's alright.
(uncooked prawns look transluscent and blue ish where else as it cooks, it turns orange in colour)

5) Heat up wok, put 2 tablespoon olive oil, stir fry the garlic and red chili. Next, add in the prawn and stir fry for about 3-5 minutes. After you've sieved the Spaghetti, add it into the frying wok and after 5-10 minutes of continuous stir frying, VOILA!

Your meal, is ready. ;)

It really is that simple to make this pasta dish. Try it out and add your own garnishing to make this pasta dish your own style!
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