Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines Day

Honestly, everyday is like Valentines Day for me. Mr. C and I eat good food together, we rent movies to watch every week together, we have take out at times or even dine out on occasions, he does sweet things for me every once in awhile.
I don't need him to buy flowers or balloons or whatnot for me on this day to express his love for me because he does it everyday in small gestures; his hugs, kisses, his goodwill of letting me sleep in, spoiling me at times by taking me to have my current favourite dessert, sticky date pudding even if he prefers I don't eat too much sweet food.
In fact, the actual day itself, February 14 feels more like an over commercialised day for people to exploit couples. Prices of food, flowers, chocolates and what not pike up on this day. Yet, we see many couples going out for fine dining and many girls wanting a bouquet of flower.
Don't get me wrong, if Mr. C did get me flowers, chocolates or whatever on this day, I'd be happy. How can I ever say no to flowers when they brighten up my day and beautify it? How can I say no to chocolate when it sweetens my day?
All I am trying to say is, to each, his own. For me, I rather celebrate it another day if I really had to. I guess girls can't help but feel a little envious when they see fellow colleagues receiving flowers and gifts from their partner when they themselves receive naught.
Anyways, my Valentines Day? It was spent watching Mr. C play futsal at Westall College. I think it's a great gift to him and you should see his face, it was all bright and shiny with smiles. ;) 'Tis a pity though that many didn't turn up as their girlfriends wanted them to do special stuff together for dinner. LOL.

And dinner? We headed to Claypot King at Glen Waverly for some Hokkien Mee and I tried the Singapore noodles. So far, I've always been pretty happy with Claypot King's service and food but not this night, sad to say. I don't know if it was because they were under staff due to Valentines Day or what, but they took forever to bring us a menu.

We got tired waiting that Mr. C walked up to the counter and took the menu ourselves! After deciding what we wanted, it took a while to get their attention to take our order. Oh my... at that point, I had half my mind to walk out, if not for Mr. C's hunger. Besides that, tea is usually served upon being seated. This night, we had to asked twice before we received our tea.

Hokkien mee was good, as always... though city's Claypot King's food isn't as good as the one at Glen's. But I didn't like my noodles. Tasted like a wet version of Mee Goreng but instead of yellow noodles, it's mee hoon aka vermicelli.

72 Kingsway,
Glen Waverly.
Oh well. I realised these days, nothing is constant. Ever! Eatery A can be famous and well known for it's good food and/or service but often than not, the quality drops eventually. It is rare to find a place where quality is top notched and service is constantly that good.
Guess that's life. Anyways, I am sure many of you girls received lots of love on this day. Seeing flower pictures being uploaded on FB made me yearn for some my own. Such is the power of media. ;p
Whatever it is, I am still happy and feel loved by Mr. C despite the absence of flowers, chocolates and any romantic gestures.
Hope you had a great one! ;) HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!
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