Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nuffnang : Our idiot brother

Well, everyone has at least one erm.. dysfunctional family member. Come on. Don't deny it. It could be the eccentric, grumpy dad who has heaps of embarrassing stories to tell or that anal mother who is forever getting on one's case and what about the hippy brother who is forever high on *cough* some kind of leaves or that slutty sister who likes to cut herself up.

Ok. That was a tad exaggeration (though some family probably has worst stories) and mind you, my family isn't like that though I admit, we do have our own moments and at times, it ain't pretty! ;p We definitely do drive each other crazy at times with our own quirks and antics.

My brother? Hmmm.. I think he has his annoying moments but idiotic? Can't think of any at this point of time. Well, at least none like Paul Rudd acting as 'Ned' in 'Our Idiot Brother'. Gosh. If my brother was ever that nuts, I'll have to pull his plug.

Oh well, so it's a good thing he isn't! ;p

Then again, Ned does seem to be childlike and mean well despite getting into one mishap after another. It sets him apart from the rest of his family though there seems to be a little twist at the end. From what I gather from the clip, it seems as if his oddity does somehow unite his sisters and help them be better them.

With the heartaches he cause, he also brings laughter. So, it isn't all that bad.

Nuffnang Australia is giving out 17 double passes for the Melbourne screening and another 17 doubles passes to the Sydney one. So, once again, crossing my fingers and toes in the hopes that I win myself and Mr. C a pair of tickets to watch this show.

For me, I just love watching movies and given the opportunity to watch for free is even more awesome! So, thanks in advance Nuffnang Melbourne! You guys are awesome for making this happen.

If you guys somehow don't get the chance to watch it, catch a copy of the DVD or Blu-Ray. The released date is 15 March 2012.


♥ vey said...

found your blog through & i just had to comment when i saw your plurk about malaysiansinmelbourne!

goingkookies said...

vey : lol.. haha. and here I thought I was a genius!