Saturday, February 25, 2012

Make Natasha Yap our own Malaysian Youtube Star!

You must be wondering who on earth is Natasha Yap...

Wong Fu Productions ring a bell. Joseph Vincent and even the Jayeslee sisters but Natasha?

Who is that??! Siapa perempuan ini??

Well, I came across her own composition, "If you would" from Sarahktw's blog. Natasha's voice is clear, sweet and interestingly good for a Malaysian unless the person recording, Sue is doing an amazing job of enhancing Natasha's voice. LOL.

Check out the song and tell me what you think. The song's lyrics may be simple but it still is sweet and relatable. Looking at her, she actually reminds me of my friend, YC's girlfriend. LOL.

If you're not convinced of her potential, check out her rendition of The Band Perry's "If I die young". I hope to see more covers from her and who knows... she might appear on Ellen Degeneres show. After all, other Youtube stars such as Joseph Vincent have appeared on her show and won 10,000 dollars from the talent competition.

We're always so busy supporting people from other countries, paying bucket loads of cash for their songs and tickets to see them but we tend to forget that we have our very own local talent in need of our support.

In recent years, there's been a steady increase in talent such as stand up comedians Douglas Lim, Quah Jen Han and Phoon Chi Ho, wedding photographers & videographers and off late, interesting production of short clips and singing from independent individuals.

So, do your bit, check this girl out and if you like her singing... leave a comment to encourage her and spread the clip. ;)

Hope to hear more of her and from her! And kudos to Sue for the well done video clip for "If you would". I like how she zooms in and out, focuses on Natasha and parts of it, on the guitar etc.


Natasha Ypl said...

Hey Hello :)
My friend, Sue, found your blog and shared it with me. After reading your post, I must let you know how thankful I am for your support. Really, to know someone out there who is supporting me means a great deal to me. On Sue's behalf as well, thank you. :)

Best regards,
Natasha Yap.

goingkookies said...

Natasha : don't ever give up and I hope to see more works from you and your friend Sue!

You girls are young and seriously, the world is your oyster! ;)

Yi Jing said...

Hey! I heard your song and i seriously love it! :)) the lyrics is simple but so meaningful. It reminds me about me and my bf :) a very sweet song! you did a great job! I'm sure your bf love your song. Keep it up! Hope to hear from you very soon!

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