Sunday, April 29, 2012

Book or boob?!

Last night, Mr. C, my sister and I watched 'Sound of music' on tivo. During a commercial break, I asked Mr. C to pass me my book which was just next to him to which he gave me this look of how should I describe it? A look of shock or cluelessness

I remembered thinking, what's with his expression?? and being perplexed, I raised my voice a notch in annoyance, "my book! My BOOK!  MY BOOK!!".

When he just sat and stare at me whilst I just leaned over and grab the book. 

That's when realisation sink in and what he said next to me was really hilarious.

He had thought I said," Please squeeze my boob" hence, the shocked look. And icing of the cake was the part where I got irked and he heard me saying "my boob! My BOOB! MY BOOB!!" really loudly!

Seriously, a LOL moment. My hubby. LOLs.
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Nath said...

obviously his hand needs some attention LOL

goingkookies said...

Nath : lol.. nah.. he isn't that kind of guy.. hehe.