Friday, April 13, 2012

Dandenong Market with the Mothership

I've really been re-missed in my postings. The in-laws left mid week and now, part of my family are here. Today, I brought my mother to Dandenong Market. It was bigger and definitely more interesting than Carribean Market! I find that Carribean Market is over run with Asians and with them as stall holders, the things sold are pretty much similar to the kinds you can see in a pasar malam (night market) in Malaysia. Somehow, I find the non-Asians sell more interesting stuff.

Dandenong Market is pretty huge. Pretty much similar to Queen Victoria Market that is situated in the city but smaller in size, I reckon. There were rows and rows of stalls and in sections; Meat and Fish, Produce Hall, Fruits and Veges etc.

The rest of this post will be pretty much self-explanatory in the photos.

#1 Fruits and veges section, near the place we parked our car
30cents per hour and maximum 3 hour parking!

#2 Amused by the words on the notice
You tend to see this kind of signs at predominantly Asian inhabited areas.
#3 Curry leaves

#4 Okra, otherwise known as ladies finger in Malaysia

#5 Love the plants and flowers in pots! 
Wonder which to buy and plant.

#6 My love affair with this dainty pretty things

#7 Relatively cheap too! Some for only AUD2...

#8 Flowers or veges??

#9 My mum spent a loooong time here going nuts buying nuts
LOL. Couldn't resist the pun.

#10 Clear signs to point the way

#11 nuts, raisins, prunes

#12 Whole Afghan Apricots... interesting

#13 Had a hot cup of mocha here
Apparently, everything is perfect... they had Perfect Latte, Perfect Mocha etc.

#14 I adore these amazing handmade soap that smell heavenly
Bought the Mognolia & Green Tea, Hibiscus and Rose scented ones.

#15 The Asian looking stallholders

#16 Toys... probably China made

#17 Souvenirs such as these Aussie named jackets

#18 Cutesie removable wallpapers

#19 Wall stickers

#20 All sorts of party stuff can be found here

After Dandenong Market, we went to visit Sal's mother who runs an Asian eatery, Borneo Cafe that is situated at Shop16/450 Nepean Highway in Chelsea. I have tried the Fish Ball noodle soup and Fried Rice in the past and liked it.

I brought my mother here to try the food but our tummies were full from the hot dog she insisted having  earlier in Dandenong Market. In the end, we just had a latte and mocha thoughtfully made by aunty followed by a pleasant hour and a half of chatting.

My mother decided to order curry puffs for takeaway before we left. The pastry was nice and fluffy with the filling being flavoursome though not spicy. 

And that was that for the day.

I only get to go places when I have friends and family visiting. Otherwise, I stay  home. Now, I get to explore a bit more of Melbourne and familiarise with my surroundings.

Wheee.... time to go to bed. Tomorrow, we (uncle and aunty with my mother and sister) are all going to St. Kilda Bathouse for a swim early in the morning.

Hope I can wake up. 

Borneo Café & Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

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