Saturday, April 21, 2012

A lazy Saturday

I don't know but off late, it has been a struggle to write. I have loads to share but when I do sit in front of my laptop, I am either back on Facebook checking friend's statuses, uploading pictures, replying meassages or am just clearing my emails. There are so many stories to talk about from J & G's visit, Mr. C's parents' visit and even now, my own family. However, I struggle to put how I feel, what I experience into words that I end up saying nothing.

Well, today, I am back. Today is pretty much a relaxing day. Have had few and precious days like this.

Today, Mr. C went for a long overdue haircut. Then, we went to Dan Murphy's as my *cough cough* goody sister have been wanting to buy some drink. Lols. We prolly will attempt to make Tiramisu one of these days with this.


This drink has a WORM inside!!!

It's not an accident... rather the worm is inside deliberately.

A slightly heavier me enjoying my smooth tau foo fa

After that, we headed to Shirley's Grocery at Scoresby for some light shopping. Mr. C had Sharon's Bak Zhang whilst I had Aunt Shirley's Tau Foo Fa. I really love the smooth and sweet Tau Foo Fa. On good and happy days like this, Mr. C relents and buys a tub for me!

If you want relatively reasonable priced groceries especially Asian groceries, Aunt Shirley's most likely will have it. Weekends, you can get fresh Nasi Lemak and curry puffs too, to name a few food to buy. BUT Tau Foo Fa is a MUST buy!! You won't regret it. The few people I recommend it to always consume it happily. In fact, on some days, if you're unlucky, you'll reach Aunt Shirley's only to find out they've sold out on it! ;(

Feeling SLEEEPPPY. I feel like having a catnap before we head into the city to meet my youngest uncle for dinner.  See, that's why I end up not blogging much. Who wants to read boring and unexciting posts like this? ;p

Toodles... *snoressss*
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