Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday BBQ at Lyrterfield Lake Park

With the in-laws here, I somehow struggle to find time to blog and when there's time, I just don't feel like it. Hence, I've got many posts stuck in drafts especially J & G's trip here during mid March. And now, with the in-laws here, I've got a few additionals posts stuck in drafts regarding their trip.

Lol. And it's going on to four months since the wedding reception back home in Malaysia took place that I've yet to blogged about it. Gosh... has three months of 2012 really flown past that fast? 

Today, instead of the initial planned Great Ocean Road trip, we stopped by the butcher at Wellington Village Centre and bought our meat for BBQ on the way to Lysterfield Lake Park. I could see that Mr. C's mum wanted some sausages and at first, Mr. C was all "oh, we've got so much meat... don't need to buy sausages" but I said that his mum wanted some and I, too wanted some.

His dad saw Mr. C's mum and I browsing at sausages telling us with a frown etched across his face, "don't buy sausages, we've got so much food already" but he proceeded to have a look and recommended us to get the French Pepper. LOL. Then he went off to where Mr. C gestured him over to his side, at the steak section.

It was a beautiful day for a picnic; the sun was up and the breeze welcomed us. Shortly after we arrived, the sun took a dip behind the clouds. Had us worried for a moment that it might pour. Well, Mr. C wasn't worried, as usual. Just worrywart me. 

I love to see Mr. C's mum and dad interact; they're playful and when his dad's serious and gan cheong, at times, telling his mum off, she takes it all, in a stride, with gentle tolerance and a smile. It's one thing I have yet to accomplish. If it was me, I would be ticked off BIG time. Probably the 'fighter' side of me. LOL.

The park is huge and there were many families out and about on such a fine day. Some were eating, chatting as their children blew bubbles, cycled and played football. There were a group of young Indian men playing volleyball. At the other area from where we were at was a family; the two boys on the pier doing what boys do, rumbling about as a young mother was pushed out by the hubby for a canoeing trip.

After our feeling and satisfying BBQ, we went for a walk, exploring our surroundings. The scene that greeted us was just peaceful and soothing. The air was fresh and the walk, invigorating.

The more decent looking photos of me

I have definitely put on weight on closer inspection ;(

It's a good thing his parents decided not to walk the Lake Circuit Walk today. If not, I might be 6 foot underground as it'll take us about 2 hours of 6km walking and I can feel Aunt Irma calling out to me from down the road. She seems to be visiting rather frequently, isn't she? It feels like I blogged about PMS just last week when it was about a month back.

I will endeavour to turn my drafts into posts in the next few days and hopefully on my wedding. LOL. I know it shouldn't bother me but I felt that my wedding could've been better; more meaningful, better planned and definitely much more beautiful. 

I do wonder what people's feedbacks are especially my friends but oh well...

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