Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Screwed up cakes

Saw this on specials at Coles for AUD2 on Sunday. Yeah, I know. I still use AUD instead of $ or dollars. I guess, in time (maybe 5 or 10 years down the road) when I've fully adapted to living here, I'd refer AUD as $ or dollars. Till then...

As I was saying, Green's Classic Carrot Cake was on specials. Bought it and tried it out. You'd think that with the easy-to-follow-step-by-step instructions provided at the back of the box, the cake will turn out beautifully.

Wrong! I made so many mistakes I wondered where I put my brains the whole time I was in the kitchen making this. Firstly, brainy me decided to make the batter into cupcakes instead of cake . Secondly, I poured more water than required.

I read 1/3 cup of water and poured the measured water into the mixing bowl up to 2/3 cups of water only to realise that I actually measured 2 and 1/3 cups of water in the first place. 

OMG!! *bangs head on the table* 

But what else can I do? So, I bimbo-ly just proceeded on.

After following step 1 and 2, I spooned the mixture into the cupcake paper cups only to realise I forgot to put vegetable oil and butter! *groan*

I scooped all mixture from the 12 cupcake paper cups back into the mixing bowl. Threw the gooey paper cups away and placed new ones into the tray. Poured the oil and butter into the mixing bowl, mixed them and scooped them back into the individual paper cups.

I put the cupcake mix into the oven and hoped for the best. 

Next, I decided to mix the icing provided in the box. As I read the instructionse, to my embarrassment, it hit me that the butter I initially forgot to put in the cupcake mix only later on to mix it in was meant for the icing and NOT the cupcake batter. 

Seriously, how dumb can I be? At that point, I figure the cupcakes are doomed to fail. Looking at the oven and seeing them rise prettily gave me hope. 

And that is what hope can do... give you a few percentages of feeling that everything is going to be alright and BAM!! It is the end of your world when your hopes are dashed. *drama queen* 

The cupcake looked and smelt alright. Mr. C and I tasted 1 cupcake. He thinks it is edible but I think, THROW THEM IN THE BIN!! Not worth torturing one's (my) tastebuds with such atrocity!

So, 11 cupcakes (with peanut butter icing) sit atop the counter table waiting to be devoured by Mr. C. 

It's end of Tuesday and they're still sitting there, as pretty as you pleased. I reckon come Friday, it'll still be there and I'll just bin it.

Hate doing something that didn't turn out well in the end. I know it doesn't define who I am, nevertheless, I still can't help feeling like I've failed. Or maybe it's just PMS talking.

Well, all was not wrong in Estherville as Mr. C's stew concoction for our Sunday dinner was wonderfully made and tasted delicious. It was a nice, warm tasting comfort food just perfect to rid the wintery cold.
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