Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday lunch at Sakura House in Knox


After church this morning, Mr. C and I went to Knox City for lunch. We walked past several shops at the Knox City Ozone area and finally settled on trying this eatery, Sakura House. The petite girl that waited at our table was friendly and served us with a smile.

I saw the sign below and asked her about it to which she was kind enough to assist Mr. C and I "Like"  Sakura House Knox Ozone on Facebook via our Samsung Galaxy S2 just so we can get a FREE Gyoza or a Salmon Floss Cone. 

I had the Gyoza which I generously shared with Mr. C. It looked alright and inviting but was only average unfortunately. I was expecting meaty mince taste inside the dumplings like the usual but barely tasted any.

Mr. C had the Salmon Floss cone below. Being the loving and ever sharing hubby, I had a few bites of this tasty wrapped sushi roll. I mean, it wasn't anything extra special to shout about but it definitely tasted heaps better than my mediocre Gyoza.

Silly me was expecting raw sushi as the 'Floss' word after the Salmon on the menu was just invisible to my eyes. Nevertheless, I liked the floss topping sushi.

After the hype over our free starters, we had our mains. Mr. C had his Bento Box and mine, my Katsu Don.

Most of the time, I order this dish whenever I have Japanese. You see, when you order the same food at different eateries, it is easier to make a comparison of sorts.

Just like my bubble tea affair. Every time I have one, it's always Original Pearl Milk tea with pearls. And that is how I know I liked the ones at SS2 Mall and Uptown branch in Malaysia as compared to any other branches, even the ones in Australia! 

I digress... back to matter at hand.

Sadly, I have to be honest and say that the Katsu Don isn't the best I've had. It isn't the worst either but I definitely won't be coming back anytime soon or rather have this again. Mr. C's bento looked delicious but it was just alright. 

We reckon the ones at Don Don on Swanston Street is heaps tastier and easier on the pocket!

All in all, I'd only come back here if there really isn't any other new food shops to try. Doesn't seem like it'll be anytime soon though.
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