Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thor-menting Thor jokes

Thor-long as in 'TOLONG', a Malay word for 'Help'

This past week, my FB wall has been flooded with Thor jokes. I don't think it is the whole world or even in Aussie but it seems to only have plagued fellow Malaysians. LOL. Everytime I logged in to FB, I see Thor-like jokes and people lamenting how THOR-mented they are with THOR-ibble Thor-jokes. 

Cantonese word 'Pak Tor' meaning courting/dating

I have been wondering what spurred this Thor virus but no one could answer my question. Today, as I trailed my FB wall, I clicked a link that lead to CHEECHINGY.COM. And she blogged how she and her colleagues laughed at the below Thor-rendous joke.

And one of her colleague came out with the below which apparently went abuzz. 'Ajinomo-Thor' aka Ajinamoto, a MSG.
It went viral leading to another colleague of hers to Thor-ment us with his creation of 'To-Thor' for 'TOTO' the lottery game.
Which spurred the blogger, Chee Ching with her own Thor-tured version of 'Ja-Thor' for 'Jatuh', a Malay word for fall and Thor-morrow.

More Thor-iffic Thor jokes on FB like the one above but gosh.. the below one is just THOR MUCH!! Enough already!! So, anyone have any other ideas how this whole Thor series started??


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