Tuesday, July 3, 2012

10 thoughts for the week

Thoughts swirling in my mind off late.

#1 It's already July and am still jobless (in a paying sense).

#2 Will I find a church to settle in? I want to know God more but I don't know how.

#3 Perpetual feeling of living in a television series. At least watching series, I get the jokes and storyline.

#4 I miss company back home and everything familiar.

#5 I think, I am not that great or nice a person. If I am, where's my friends?

#6 I am meant to be a stay home bum 'cos I miss my sleep in days and especially when everyday was weekends to me with no worries about work and I could bake, read books, blog and surf the net.

#7 Why do my ideas for blogging only kick in at night just when I am about to nod off to sleep??!

#8 I am a fatty and have been for the longest times. No one to blame but myself especially when I succumb to chocolates and chips. :(

#9 Why do I struggle so much to wake up in the morning? and If I know I need my sleep, why do I sleep so late at night?

#10 Why can't I come up with creative and inspiring ideas?

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