Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 tips on how NOT to put on weight

Ever since my wedding, I've been slowly gaining weight. This year, I kept telling myself that I need to lose weight and that I will especially as I'll be a bridesmaids again (for the second time) in September. 

I still cringe every time I look back at Miss Lawyer's wedding last year. For one, the bridesmaid hairstyle and make up I had wasn't flattering. :( And secondly, I don't think I look that pretty in the dress. Not saying it's the dress' fault but more of me not being happy with my body shape.

Putting on weight is so much easier than losing weight. Because you eat away and just pile on the weight slowly and surely and before you know it, you're a fatty. Not you. Me, that is. :(

And when you do decide to do something about losing those few gained weight, it feels like it takes forever and oh-so-much effort. I watched My Kitchen Rules 2/3 of the week early on in the year and gained 2kgs. I got sick in March and last those 2kgs.

But since then, I've gained them back and I've been at my heaviest. Shocked me to the core to see my weight on the scales. Told myself I've got to really do something about this and I have. Shall leave it for another post.

Thinking about all this and based on my own experience, I've come up with a list on 8 tips of how NOT to put on weight!! Lols.

#1 Don't sit on the couch like a couch potato after meals. Do house chores. 

#2 Don't eat chocolates, chips or ice-cream or anything unhealthy that is loaded with carbs and sugar. Well, don't eat every single day of the week lah.

#3 Don't be a bum, get your ass moving and go for a jog or a swim or a Zumba class or Body Combat! Health is wealth!

#4 Don't eat more than you need. Eat to live and not live to eat.

#5 Don't be picky with your food. Eat your fruits and veges even if your mother doesn't make you do so!

#6 Don't be a girl who has sugar cravings and erm.. PMS?

#7 Don't have friends so you won't have anyone to meet over yummy meals.

#8 Don't have money to enjoy the delicious food out there?

#9 Don't bake or cook as it will lead you to have second helpings for sure!

#10 Don't EAT! lol

Haha.. Ok. I was kind of struggling towards the end. Hence, the silliness. Lols. But hey, true isn't it? Hope it was helpful! :)


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