Thursday, June 6, 2013

Australia's Got Talent Auditions 2013


Saturday saw Mr. C, Jim, YC and I with a loooooong queue of other Melburnians along Little Bourke Street making our way for Australia's Got Talent Auditions 2013. Oh no! We were not there to audition for the show but rather, we were there to see people audition for the show. 

Yup, you got it, we were just kehpoh-ing (hokkien words meaning sticky noses) as audience.

Initially, I thought we were not going to make it into the theatre as it seemed like there were just SO many bodies in front of us. Tickets are free and you can get it from Applause Store. Last year, silly me applied for tickets to watch 'Can of Worms', an Australian talk show that has fascinating and often than naught, controversial topics.

I received an email notifying that I had received my free entrance tickets only to realised that it was based in Sydney. Regretfully hitting the reply button stating that I can't make it from Melbourne. Lol.

Anyways, back to the auditions...


Cutting the loooong story short, we waited... and waited... and waited. Auditions were supposed to start at 7pm. We started waiting in line close to 6pm. There was an hour delay with the first recording before ours and we only got comfortably into our seats about 8pm.

Whilst we waited, we stared into the skies, at the other crazy people in line, took selfies and photos of each other, uploaded on Instragram and even had time to play Candy Crush!

And finally, we made it into Her Majesty's Theatre. We've been here once before to watch famed Aussie actor, Geoffrey Rush in 'A funny thing happened on the way to the forum'. Mr. C tickled himself watching that musical and still feels amused thinking back to the play.

The last time, we sat downstairs with a fairly good view. This time, we sat upstairs. Seats at ground level were reserved for family and friends of those auditioning.

As we sat ourselves down, a group in cheerleader outfits were flipping about the stage. I reckon to see if the space was conducive for their routine. Lights were tested. The 'X' buttons were tested. The audience were tested. Lol.

What we audience back home that watch the show on television miss out is the funny-behind-the-scenes-guy, Dave Eastgate. He was there to entertain the audience that night in between acts. Before the show, he warmed us up and provided some housekeeping rules. No toilet breaks till after each routine is completed. 

Our cheers, boos and ahhhs were pre-recorded before any routine started. 

Judges were (seated) from left Kyle Sandilands, Aussie radio & TV personality infamous for his derogatory and offensive comments, Geri Halliwell aka Ginger of Spice Girls, Timomatic, 3rd placed contestant in the 5th season of Australia's Got Talent and finally, Dawn French, a British actress, write and comedian.

Dave with the mike and headband and right, seated Dawn French being 'touched' up

Nigerian born Australian, Timotic in grey jacket

The funny but a tad too funny in a rude way, Dave Eastgate

Geri who seemed more toned down from her Ginger Spice days and a tad too skinny

We stayed till the end, after midnight. All in all, the auditions were only average. None that screamed 'winner', unfortunately. However, it wasn't all bad. It definitely was an experience and to be able to see what goes on behind the scenes. 

Maybe next year, I'll go watch 'X Factor'. Lol. Or some other reality shows. Wanted to try out 'Deal or No Deal' but that is held during weekdays. Too bad. 

It was an experience but I doubt I would go again, unless my future kids want to.
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