Friday, June 21, 2013

Heat Group make up warehouse sales

Few days ago, my colleague, K made a copy of the above flyer for each of us. Seeing how I have been shopping off late and am supposed to be saving money, I told myself I shouldn't bother going. I really didn't give it a second thought 'till today.

After work, I asked the hubby if he minds detouring to this warehouse - 'cos I realised how near the warehouse is to our home - and he said, yes.

I wasn't sure what to expect and told the hubby that my budget is $50 maximum and to make sure that - no matter what - I am NOT to exceed the amount.

We arrived, parked our car and made our way into the warehouse. A guy greeted us at the entrance and gave us a recycle bag to place our desired items. Tables after tables were lined up with boxes of lip gloss, foundation, eye shadow, nail polish, mascara etc from Cover Girl, Max Factor, Bourjois, to name a few. 

Most items ranged between $1 to $3 except by those from Max Factor and Bourjois that ranged from $5 - $8. I am assuming this two are the more 'atas' (higher end) brand.

There were hoard of ladies flitting from one table to another excitedly looking for a steal!

Covergirl lip glosses of all colours mainly nude range

Rather lot of Indian looking ladies and a few that kept getting in my path :(

I just bagged items I saw that I liked, thinking I would sort them later nearer to the exit and take out those that I don't fancy as much. Mistake though. 'Cos I ended up putting item after item in my bag! With $1 and $2 or $3 price tag in my head, it plays with your mind that everything is a bargain and worth buying.

I was feeling a bit lost 'cos I don't buy much of make up, hence, I didn't really know how to see if it's a good make up or if the pricing is worth it or if the make up is outdated and shouldn't be bought! What a noob, right?

So, I observed the ladies around me (the pros) as they go about making their choices.

The hubby was a real gem waiting patiently as I walked from table to table bagging items. Felt really bad for the dude but he swore he was fine and he just wanted me to enjoy myself and get what I want.

And bagged items, I did!

Saw a lip gloss in a shade I liked, bagged it. Saw another funky coloured lipgloss , bagged! Nail polish, bagged! Another different colour, bagged! $1 nail polish??? BAGGED, of course!! Oooh, a different sort of lip gloss shade from  my usual boring me, bagged! 

Feeling the adding weight of my bag, I practiced some form of restrain, bagging only those that I really wanted. By then, I had already walked 2/3 of the area. LOL.

Went to the sorting station to sort out my bagged items. I had close to 10 lip glosses lined up and ditched 2/3 of it. Discarded fake nails and foundation and just couldn't discard the rest, so I made my way to pay.

The queue to get items priced and totalled

From a girl who hardly wear make up in the past to wearing light make up everyday for work, I think I did fairly alright with the below. Bought the Tweety Bird body spray for my colleague, H. Not because she smells but because she likes birds and I reckon, Tweety! ;p 

If you have time this weekend, head over to Heat Group at Scoresby for your own make up purchases!! :)

My damage for the night...

Arrived home and tested the lip glosses. Dark lip gloss just makes my thickish lips look thicker. But in the picture, it looks pretty decent! Laughed when I tested the Burgundy one. Not used to dark lips on me. And I realised my upper lips does not have a dip in the middle to give me defined lips. *bummer*

Trying to remove it was a bit of a nightmare. Used tissue to wipe it off but it stayed on. Used cotton pad and it still stayed on. Silly me forgot to read the instructions before hand! So, I read the instructions which said to use an oil based make up remover.

Did that and the lip gloss was finally off! *phew*

Now I know why it's called 'Lipfinity'. *haha* Lip gloss that stays on forever. What the... 

Don't fancy the Red one among all three colours tried. Loved the Matte Pink best! Au natural is the way to go.

Ok. Some lame looking pictures of me and my colourful lips.


Red (Pardon the round face)

Matte pink (and pardon the closed eyes.. really dislike my SG4's camera!!)

My own lip gloss
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