Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tokyo Deli and Aviv

Ever since Sally introduced this two places and I, in turn intro-ed to the hubby, we've been back here rather regularly. Despite our incompatibilities and differences, I like how Mr. C and I are sometimes in sync and have the same makan (Malays for eat) food place in mind.

That's what happened on Saturday, we both had the same thought to go to Elsternwick for Jap food at Tokyo Deli and my yummilicious vanilla slice from Aviv! It was a 30 minute journey from home and boy, were we hungry by the time we arrived.

Headed off to Aviv first to purchase the famous Vanilla Slice. Kiasu that the shop will run out before we finish our lunch few shops away at Tokyo Deli. Lols.

:: aviv ::

Look at the gorgeous sweeties on display 

Was a bit disappointed the last time and this time I had my vanilla slice. The flaky top and bottom tasted like it was baked a tad too long. :( Oh well... hopefully it'll be back to awesome the next time I go back for some.

Aviv Cakes & Bagels on Urbanspoon

:: tokyo deli ::

The food as usual was delicious. The hubs had the Terriyaki Chicken Bento set $9.80 and his Edamame. I had the Yakiniku Beef Don $8.50. We shared or rather fought to finish the Agedashi Tofu! Yum! 


Bottom line, I always leave here filling full and satisfied! *thumbs up*

If you earn the money here and not convert currencies, pricing is pretty alright for a Jap meal. :)

Whilst you are here for lunmch, you can also do some grocery shopping. Check out their site HERE for their menu and grocery shop. Simple but attractive and easy to navigate website!
Tokyo Deli on Urbanspoon

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