Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy 13th Anniversary!!


13 is infamously unlucky
but not for us

13 years since we first met
meaning 13 years together
13 years of ups and downs
13 years and still,
we're together

Thank you for having such a big heart,

a heart full of love,
a heart full of affection
Constant affirmation
and for being with me despite it all.

Here's to many, many more
lovey dovey moments
annoying one another moments
working on our relationship moments
and most importantly,
growing old together moments!


At Jimbo & Rex in Crown, Southbank for a simple anniversary dinner

Beer & coke

Dudes at the bar

Lightbulbs up there


AUD10 for a meal and a drink, we had YUM Chicken Parma!

Followed by oh-so-divine ice cream at Il Dolce Freddo in Lygon
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