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Shark Fin House Dim Sum in Melbourne

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Yum Char Siew Pao

A friend from Uni and her hubby relocated over to Melbourne recently. We were invited to the city by another Uni friend, YC who was having brunch with them for dim sum. 

Over here in Australia, dimsum is known as Yum Cha. 

Initially, Mr. C and I declined but changed our mind. Who can say 'No' to Yum Cha, right??

Apparently, some people can. *hehe* But definitely not us!

We woke up late, hurried ourselves to the city on Sunday for a mighty fulfilling lunch at Shark Fin House. Since moving to Melbourne, I've been told this is the place to go for a good meal of dimsum. 

But I've only been to TaiPan at Doncaster and Gold Leaf at Burwood.

So, it was good to have a chance to sample the highly acclaimed tasty morsels offered here.

Liked the pork ribs best, tastier than others and less fatty 

Exotic chicken feet (only Mr. C had this)

My glorious Liu Sha Pao!!


Piping hot salted egg and custard steamed bun

Be careful of the hot golden liquid

Oooooh my... best Siew Mai and Ha Gao

Comparing with the other two dimsum restaurants, I think Shark Fin House is my current favourite! I like the pork ribs at Tai Pan but the one here is even better and tastes less fatty. The char siew pao (roasted pork bun) was the best tasting one I've had so far in Melbourne, too! A yummy one is hard to find, it's usually too sweet and not so tasty.

The Liu Sha Pao was another thumbs up. The ratio of salt and sweet is just right. And I love it when the liquid oozes out instead of being coagulated. 

Hmmm... what else was delicious? 

The siew mai (steamed pork with prawn) was top notched. Not fatty in tasting. And I loved the taste of the generous prawn nestled closer to the bottom. In Malaysia, not all siew mais have prawns.

This place was packed. Unfortunately, the person who waited at our table was  abit of a blur case. We had to ask several times for chilli, for my liu sha pao and our tea. Gosh. We stopped asking him after awhile and flagged down other waiters. 

You definitely have to make reservations beforehand or risk not having a table or waiting in a loooong queue or rather a forever queue.

Suffice to say, I had a truly fulfilling meal. Satiate my dimsum cravings till the next time. :)
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