Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello Autumn!!

Belgium Hot Chocolate
What a better way to start Autumn than with a cuppa with a friend, JT! ;) We were at Chadstone. After lunch at Wagamama, we headed to Koko Black. Wagamama's food was alright but a tad pricey ranging from AUD15 to AUD25. Koko Black wasn't really any much cheaper as they're well known for their premium chocolates.

I was SO tempted to try the Iced Chocolate/ Mocha but at AUD7+, it was definitely pricier than the usual. If I didn't have an 'expensive' lunch, I wouldn't hesitate to splurge a bit on my sweet tooth. However, my simple rice dish drenched in gravy topped with chicken at Wagamama burnt an AUD18 hole in my pocket. Hence, I settled for a hot mocha.

It was a nice day out. A reprieve from the usual series marathon. And just like that, we've seen two months of 2012 come and gone. Were those two months good? Fruitful? Momentous? Will it set the pace for the next ten months to come?

Well, only time will tell and it is always us, who should call the shots and set the pace.

This is me, calling a stop to all hedonistic activities and come Monday, it's time for some serious disciplining of self.

Fancy Hot Mocha
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goingkookies said...

Burlington Ontario Photographer : THanks for the compliments! ;)

Nath said...

lovely art, once a Taiwan Champion took 3 years just to learn how to prepare swan and leaf. It was a joke to the host till they see how tough it is to prepare with the right temperature :D

goingkookies said...

Nath : I saw the swan art on top of a gourmet coffee magazine! Ya... it's really an art... even to make a good tasting coffee isn't easy.