Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The hunt for Nyonya Kebaya

It's been crazy being back.

People ask me, 'how's the wedding planning getting along?' and often times, I debate with myself on what should I tell them. Do I tell the long story or the short one? Do I put on a smile and say all is well or do I tell them that it's a one man show and that I am ready to scream and pull out my hair in frustration?

Do I say that I actually wonder if it's all worth it? If my noble intentions of thinking of the bigger, broader picture, of everyone else (except me) is appreciated. If anyone really gives a fig about the main reason behind this big hoo haa and about my special day.

Often times, I'll just say all is well, if not, I am surviving. With closer friends, they unfortunately have to bear with my rants but I am grateful for this outlet, if not, I probably would have combusted into thin air.

Some really beautiful textiles in KL at Batu Road...

Harrison Textile shop opposite Sogo, KL

Classy. Glamorous. Not too showy.

Sweet, simple and pink!

But you know what?

I tell myself that I will plan and do what I can, the rest, I'll leave it in God's ever capable hands. From now till the day, I'll give my best.

On that day, I am going to rely on God for a beautiful and memorable day despite whatever that may go wrong.

And 2011 has been such a journey for me, learning to lean upon God in good times AND bad times. It's not easy but definitely my goal for the year and the rest of my life...

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KCY said...

call me!!! then won't b a one man show. i love to shop and do planning :P anyhoo...i'm sure it's a great deal of stress, seen with my own eyes, ppl close to me who became frus, cried, throw tantrums and stuff...and u know wat, it's always the females...i wonder why...stay strong!!

goingkookies said...

kcy : thanks.. reading ur msg at this time.. means a lot. thanks!