Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let me relax and chill, for crying out loud!

I love days like today. 

Days where I get to relax and chill, all by myself. No one to ask me to do this or that. No me to run around like a headless chicken with a thousand and one things to strike off my to-do-list. Oh, don't get me wrong. The to-do-list exists and is forever waiting to be completed but today, just today, I have decided to relax and watch 'White Collar' as I fold and iron clothes whilst another batch swirls and twirls in the washing machine.

The thing is, I have come to enjoy my days off otherwise known as bumming to many. However, many would ask me if I am getting a job and what not since I, now am able to work. Thanks to peer pressure and people who likes to see me miserable, I am forced to hop on the bandwagon and join the rat race.

I do wonder, is it so wrong not to be career ambitious? Is it so wrong to just be simple and live simple? After all, nothing is ever enough. We always chase after nicer things, bigger things, things we deemed that we need when basically, it's what advertisers are paid to make us want.

On the way back from the airport on Sunday night, my uncle asked if I knew how to start up a company or if I'll be looking for a job. Yesterday, a friend whatsapped me and asked if I've started looking for a part time job. Seriously. Thanks to you guys, to peer pressure, I feel cornered into getting a job.

Yeah, I know. I am still young. I am in my prime years. My qualifications would be wasted and yada yada yada.... 

Like I said, is it so wrong to not be career ambitious? Especially for a woman? Especially when I want to be a stay home mum and see my child's first grin, first smile, first walk, first everything? 

I am not dissing working mums. Hell no. In fact, I take my hats off to them. It's definitely not going to be easy being a stay home mum but for a working mother? I think it's even tougher. You work from 9am-5pm but work never ends. 

When you are at work, I am sure on top of the deadlines and what not, working mums think and worry about their kids at home, too. And many definitely wish they can stay home and play with their children but circumstances just doesn't allow it. And when they get home, the house chores  are waiting to be cleared, the crying baby waiting to be fed, the grubby son that refuses to wash up and the daughter that is throwing a hissy fit no matter what you try to do to calm her down.

My point being, is it so wrong to like the simple, easy life of staying home? If it's not, then why are people getting on my case? That being said, I will, of course get a job. 

Just saying that I love my free time and especially after being in audit close to four years with no life, people should be more understanding, back off and let me savour the rest of my unemployment.


Kathlynn said...

nopez, totally nothing wrong with wanting to be a stay-at-home mom! my lifelong dream. the stay-at-home, minus the mom! :)

goingkookies said...

Kathlynn : haha same here!! i worry about being a mum.. especially bringing up a kid in our messed up world...