Friday, September 30, 2011

The rules of love

Once upon a time,
You were my everything.
Things change, 
people change.

When you were my everything,
did you treasure it?
did you crow?
did you sing it at the rooftops?

When you felt like
you were fighting a losing battle,
did you gave it your all,
or were calls really just enough?

When I tumbled into the rabbit hole,
and was lost and confused,
did you remind me 
what we once had and possibly still have?

Why don't you just
tell me how you really feel?
Who are you to decide,
If he is the better man?

Who were you,
to jerk at my heartstrings?
I, the puppet,
and you, the puppeteer.

Up to date, 
I never got my answers.
Or perhaps,
answers were given but not accepted.

If only you chose me,
and I was more bold.
If only you said 'no',
and let me go.

But in all the aftermath,
all is said to be forgiven.
Forgiven but not forgotten,
and it seeps into everything else.

Like vines,
it twirls and swirls.
Like talons,
it sinks right in.

No one understands me,
no one really cares.
'Cos if you were my friend,
you'd know what this is about.

I cry by myself
at times,
hoping and wishing
for a revelation. 

A revelation to end it all.
An answer why it had to happened.
A purpose in life,
A reason to live.

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