Thursday, September 1, 2011

Relaxing Thursday

Haven't been blogging much since I left Melbourne despite there being lots to say. Hardly at the laptop and what with being away in the land of the Merlion.

Today was a pretty relaxing day catching up with Miss Bubbly and the family. Loved having girl times especially being able to talk for ages about anything under the sky. Hate the part how time flies and before one knows it, it's time to say good bye.

Finally made it to 面对面 (Face to Face) at Damansara Uptown for lunch - my Lat Jiu Pan Mee (Chilli Pan Mee) and Ribena Longan with Miss Bubbly. Aaah. This is one dish I've yet to discover in Melbourne. It is slightly different taste to the famous Chilli Pan Mee in KL and Kota Damansara but it's near to home and I like it!

Besides that, I also finally had a taste of the bubble tea (BBT) at Cha Time situated in Damansara Uptown after reading all the hype on people's FB wall regarding the Cha Time at SS2 Mall. It isn't exactly a cheap drink seeing how the original pearl milk tea is sold at RM5.90.

Then again, the pearls have the right chewy texture coupled with it being sweet and yet not too sweet. Most importantly, I don't feel bloated nor nauseous after finishing my portion!

Had Cha Time on Wednesday night with my brother and cousin KT and again today with Miss Bubbly.

Next up was dinner with daddy-o and the sister. We went to 1 Utama's Fish & Co. My sister was saying how it's better than Manhattan Fish Market, building up my expectations. The food wasn't bad per se but neither was it memorable. Maybe I have been spoilt by my living in Melbourne and better western food.

Like the ambiance though.

There was a fair bit of crowd despite the holidays.

My funny dad - apparently, my flair for the dramatic is inherited from him. ;p

My Kicker (peanut butter and chocolate) ice cream didn't really kick ass.

If only I had his sharp like nose and slim genes.

Aaaahh.. Raya with lemang, ketupat and rendang! *SLURP*

Pretty pricy Rendang..

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