Friday, April 12, 2013

A slug, I am

Hi all!
I've been a lazy bum for not blogging. And for that, I can see traffic to this blog is dying off. I don't blame you all for losing interest. I would, too. Never thought that life would get in the way and I'd blog less or rather hardly ever.
I guess when I am happy, I feel less inspired to blog. Lesser need to spill my guts out.
Unfortunately, I've been feeling the blues once again for this past few days. I hate it when that happens. I've been doing so well in my happy place for quite a fair bit of time and this is just such a pain in my bum.
I guess I've been feeling upset about not settling in a church just yet or rather mainly on friendship issues. People think my life is all fun and food based on pictures uploaded on Facebook. But hello??! Who posts sad photos of themselves?
You would obviously post places you've been to or food you've had and obviously not pictures of yourself, pooping on your throne or emo-ing to songs at home.
I guess I feel, everytime I make the effort or feel like I am close to someone, it turns out, the feelings aren't exactly mutual. Friends back home?  They meet up and not include or update me. Of course, I am not expecting an every-single-second update but it would be nice to be kept in the loop.
Come on. With technology these days such as Viber and Whatsapp that makes communication FREE. I don't see why they couldn't bother just a short text or what not. And I used to initiate (or feel like it) conversations but after all, there is only so much one can go with one worded conversations.
It's tiring to keep digging for more 'life updates' when it's not freely given.
Oh well.
Fret not. I will do something to get myself out of this funk, somehow.


Anonymous said...

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Kathlynn said...

create a whatsapp group, thats how me & my besties (1 in sydney, 1 in melb & 3 back here) keep in touch! we use to mass-email, but whatsapp is soooo conv these days! :)

Goingkookies said...

Kathlynn : i do have them on whatsapp.. i dunno if it's just me.. but my 'friends' don't really reply much.. except one :( maybe i m not that great a friend i thought i am..

either that or the people i call friends back home just aren't into keeping in touch.. oh well..

life goes on right?

ooh glad to know i still have a reader in you :)

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