Thursday, April 18, 2013

Divine wedding dresses

Deviating from the whole tiffany blue wedding shebang... let's get all dreamy eye at wedding dresses we usually don't get to wear at our weddings!

One of the main highlights of any wedding is usually the first look at the bride when she first walks down the aisle in her dreamy dress. Lol. Traditionally, that is. 

#1 If you are rich or lucky enough, you will float down the aisle in some dreamy creations by a well known designer such as Vera Wang (a rather popular choice, it seems), Henry Roth etc.

#2 If not, a bride can get her dream dress custom made. Rather popular these days in Malaysia. You have 'Celest Thoi' ,  'That Special Occasion' , 'Valerie Fan' , 'Pretty in White', to name a popular few.

#3 BUT if you are the masses,  the majority that has a budget of sorts, you can still sashay down your big day, however, you will be limited to the designs provided at the bridal houses (the practise in Malaysia).

#4 Or another option would be to buy one off the internet from wholesalers such as DinoDirect. Of course, up close, it won't look as beautiful and divine as those custom made or by designers. After all, you are paying for simple fabrics and materials that has its limitations. But in pictures, you still look pretty. After all, chances are,  you will only be wearing the dress for an hour two. Well, I did! :)

Despite the budget and what nots, it doesn't stopped me from drooling at gorgeous wedding dresses I wished I could have afforded. Some of them are just oh-so-gorgeous!! Of course, often times, stick thin models showcase the dresses even more so than most of us normal humans. 

Drool away!!

 #1 Wedding's the one time you get to carry off a puffy dress!!

#2 Lace and bows are so IN!

#3 Less flesh shown can be more AND classy

#4 aaah... laces are just elegant!

#5 It would be interesting to see a bride bounce her way down the aisle in this...

#6 Gorgeous mermaid dress

#7 oooh... this is SO me!! Similar to the mishap I ordered from ebay but waaay more gorgeous!

#8 love the soft tulle or chiffon look


#10 wowza!

#11 oooh... simply simple and sweet

#12 simple.white.elegant

#13 oooh... i just ooooh and ahhh over puffy wedding dresses

#14 so grace kelly feel.. demure and graceful

#15 if you're not into puffy or too body hugging

#16 Victorian times?

#17 simple yet bridal

#18 elegant and sexy

#19 lols

#20 for the elegant
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Anonymous said...

Where are dress #10, #11 #12 from?